Testimonials From Some Our Clients

As a small a business owner I knew I needed a web page but I have fought the notion for years. I felt it would take up too much of my time, cost too much and be a constant burden in maintenance for what it would gain me in added business. Well, I have to say I was totally WRONG! Kevin and I put together a fabulous website which he tells me is fully dynamic – I think it’s dynamic alright – but what that really means is that it can be easily updated by me, it flows great for the viewer and I can add and change to it as I need to. I have gotten tons of compliments on the site already and it was so EASY! I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

Kevin is fantastic and he gets right to it and does the job in no time flat. My AT&T rep has been hounding me to pay them to do a website, that would them take 6- 8 weeks to get up and running.. well, step aside there fellas, mine was up and going in a matter of days and at a much lower cost and with full control on my part!

WOW, what a time saver this has been. I have never been so organzied!

In my business I need to track who is sent to a client’s house for a job. I had been using a simple table in multiple Word documents. One day I asked Kevin if there was a faster way as this process while being very important takes up a lot of my valuable time. He, of course, had an immediate answer to my dilemma. I sent him a copy of a couple of my documents and within hours he had a prototype data base up and running for me to test and play with. Needless to say I am up and going with a server based database that saves me so much time, is so easy to use and he tweaked it all out to fit my specific needs. It’s awesome. His slogan “If you can think it, I can build it” is really true!

Problems? I consider Kevin Mitchell my #1 COMPUTER MENTOR. If it concerns technology, he's the one! Pat Osborn

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